Where do we go from here?

In the next 30 years, it is anticipated that the city of Vancouver will require approximately 56,500 more dwelling units of various sizes to accommodate 130,000 more residents. Vacant tracts of land for additional housing are no longer available and new residential development will more often occur by densifying existing neighbourhoods. However under the current Vancouver Zoning and Development By-Law, it would not be possible to provide 56,500 more dwelling units. To address this issue, the City of Vancouver Planning Department is working on developing new neighbourhood plans. This is often a contentious process for all involved including residents, planners, developers and architects and has social economic and environmental ramifications for stakeholders and the city at large. The desire to improve the public consultation process is a phenomenon that is becoming an important civic issue.

In response to this concern, we are proposing to illustrate a prototype of a digital 3-D visualization tool that will assist in eliciting meaningful feedback from stakeholders regarding densification. “Where Do We Go From Here?” recognizes that planning for future growth is not just about defining future land uses and building forms but is a process in which many people participate to shape the evolution of the city.

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