Connect with the right people— The person holding the missing piece to you realizing your project’s goals might be sitting beside you.
Share. Search. Connect.


If you ignore the cost of real estate, Vancouver could be a great place to innovate. It’s not a head office town. It is made of a diverse profile of businesses with a median size of four people. It’s a destination for people entering Canada and has an abundance of under-employed immigrant professionals – they earn 20% less than their Canadian-born counterparts. Combine this with a steady supply of eager graduates from the Lower Mainland’s eight universities and it suggests that there is an untapped creative class ready to make new things happen. Unfortunately space to create and collaborate is not easily found here and rent isn’t cheap.

So where can these ideas happen and grow?


Enter Garage

Inspired by the legendary garage where Jobs and Wozniak met and pioneered the most valuable company in the world, garage is a place where people can hook up with other people with similar interests. Distinct from other social media, garage members profile their ideas, skills, and experience. Image, text or video based ideas or interests form part of a user profile. Instead of ‘friends’ you build a network of collaborators.


Ideas are delicate

Sometimes no more than a hunch or intuition, to develop they need a fertile environment. While the internet is incredible for seeing realized ideas, it is not always a great growing medium for new ones. Collaborating face to face is best. Because of this garage makes more connections possible. Users can share their real-time locations for planned and serendipitous meetings. At a glance you can see where hubs of collaborators are at any moment and join them to make ideas happen.


Giving your ideas a place to grow

Build— Connect with the right people. The person holding the missing piece to you realizing your project’s goals might be sitting beside you. But you might never know. garage allows you to start building a social network of creative, motivated people look- ing to make new ideas a reality. As you find more and more people with the skills and expertise you need, the potential to make things happen increases exponentially.

Share— Put yourself out there. Once you’ve created your profile on garage, it’s time to spread the word and start connecting. Anytime, anywhere you can get the word out that you’re interested in getting in touch with potential collaborators. You can determine, based on what you want to discuss, who sees your profile and when.

Search— An idea is a block away. Using the advanced search features, find people with the interests and backgrounds that you’re looking for. They could just be at the next table over.

Connect— Meet online and off. Everyone is busy these days, and even if you’re open to new ideas, you might not want to drop everything at a moment’s notice to hear about them. Garage enables you to use messaging and project-sharing tools to exchange ideas on your schedule.

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