View from the Dunsmuir Viaduct
Plan: left - the Grouse Grind, right - the Georgia Grind.
Elevation to distance: left - the Grouse Grind, right - the Georgia Grind.
The georgia grind will be perpetually under construction and always accessible to the public
As seen from South False Creek.
Estimated appearance after 24 months of construction

Tangential Babel

As Vancouver expands eastward, facing established neighborhoods such as Strathcona, Chinatown and Gastown, will it continue it’s pattern of erasing and replacing, or is it possible to consider the existing fabric as something to be built within, around and on top of? Tangential Babel is an argument for a dialog between what was and will be; for an architectural memory that reaches deeper than the notional. It is an earnest folly – a fantastical infrastructure – dubbed fondly as the Georgia Grind, with all the challenge, rivalry and dating potential of the original, conveniently located within the City of Vancouver.

Unhindered by the usual restraints of time, the Georgia Grind will be a unique infrastructure, ever expanding and spiralling upward into and above the skyline of Vancouver. Created upon the ruins of a failed express way, it will be a symbol of achievement and hope for Vancouver, a man-made mountainous pathway for all to exercise or drive upward together while enjoying the majestic view of the north shore and the natural landscape beyond.

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