Hapa Collaborative

Hapa Collaborative is a landscape architecture and environmental design practice established with place-making, attentiveness and collaboration in mind. Hapa Collaborative sees each project as an opportunity to partner, to dream big and to synthesize ideas wrought from many, often opposing, influences. (more…)

ph5 architecture inc

ph5 architecture inc was officially founded in 2008. Ph5 provides architectural services to clients for residential and commercial projects. Urban Republic, a registered non-profit, is a vehicle to research, develop, and implement speculative projects using the tools of design to cultivate opportunities for social engagement. Combined, the practices encompass both speculative projects and the material, logistical realities of built architecture. (more…)

Public Architecture + Communication

PUBLIC Architecture + Communication is an integrated design studio formed from the collaboration between architects and communication designers. PUBLIC works together and separately on projects involving environments, brands and information. PUBLIC’s designers share space, resources and ideas. (more…)

RUF Project

The work of Rural / Urban / Fantasy / Project, the multi-disciplinary design firm led by Sean Pearson, contains both a rigorous aesthetic and an open-ness to crossing creative borders. (more…)

space2place Design

Space2Place is a creative company which, through design, transforms space into place. Their places embody a philosophy of strong simple design that responds to the environmental and cultural processes influencing each site. Space2Place’s philosophy is based on respect for clients, for the environment, and for the power of design. (more…)