ph5 architecture inc

ph5 architecture inc was officially founded in 2008. Ph5 provides architectural services to clients for residential and commercial projects. Urban Republic, a registered non-profit, is a vehicle to research, develop, and implement speculative projects using the tools of design to cultivate opportunities for social engagement. Combined, the practices encompass both speculative projects and the material, logistical realities of built architecture. (more…)

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

—In the next 30 years, it is anticipated that the city of Vancouver will require approximately 56,500 more dwelling units of various sizes to accommodate 130,000 more residents. Vacant tracts of land for additional housing are no longer available and new residential development will more often occur by densifying existing neighbourhoods. (more…)

LocalSocial: mobile businesses & services, outdoor open space, power and water supply


—In Vancouver, the public discussion around densification and architectural design is often limited to the form and height of proposed new developments. Less attention has been given to understanding what makes a neighborhood feel like a neighbourhood and what creates a connection between people and the place they live. (more…)